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What is the
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cancer patients?
Lymph Node

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Can factors from
the tumor biology
(pathology report )
yield sufficient
yield sufficient
allow me to avoid
information to
axillary lymph node
*** News Update ***
NY Times Feb 8, 2011

Lymph Node Study
Shakes Pillar of
Cancer Care
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JUNE 2010
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Lymph Node
Dissection Provides
No Benefit to
Lumpectomy Patients

Some 82.2 percent of
the women who had the
dissection were alive
and disease free
compared with 83.8
percent of those who
did not. Cancer
recurred in the breast
or nearby in 4.3
percent of those who
had the operation and
3.4 percent in those
who did not.

Patients had more
distant recurrences with
axillary dissection.

excerpt from full text

To the surprise of most,
Fisher's study of 1700
patients failed to reveal any
statistically significant
survival advantage for
patients undergoing ELND.
Although the lymph node
dissection group
experienced fewer
recurrences in the treated
lymph node basin, this
improvement in local control
did not translate to a
benefit in overall survival.
fact, when these patients
did have recurrences,
these were more likely to be
distant disease
. Since
Fisher's landmark study,
five RCTs evaluating ELND
in breast cancer patients
have failed to reveal a
statistically significant
survival advantage for
patients treated with
ELND.[16] The lack of
evidence supporting the
value of ELND for breast
cancer patients in these
five trials raised significant
questions regarding the
dogmatic but unproven
traditional approach to
surgical management in
patients with cancer.

Lymphedema patient
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Lymph Node FAQ


From the Manual of
Clinical Oncology
page 250:

"Removal of the axillary
nodes does not affect
the frequency of
recurrence, the
development of distant
metastasis or survival
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