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  The Iodine Investigation Project:  A Patient-Driven Initiative

    Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.  -- William Butler Yeats

  • The research reviewers at Breast Cancer Choices have been reviewing the
    recent scientific information about iodine deficiency and its relationship to
    breast disease. Although some of the iodine studies by Drs. Bernard Eskin
    and W.R. Ghent have been available for many years, the recent Iodine Project
    initiated by  Dr. Guy Abraham and his colleagues has persuaded us that the role
    of iodine needs more research immediately. We are calling for patients to
    spearhead the demand for further research on iodine and breast cancer.

  • Although we are pursuing institution-affiliated scientific partners for this
    research, Breast Cancer Choices has already begun establishing a confidential
    database of breast cancer patients who have taken the 24 Hour Iodine Loading
    test. We urge breast cancer patients to take this test. We are also encouraging
    women at risk and relatives of breast cancer patients to take this test.

  • The premise of the 24 Hour Iodine Loading Test is that  if a person ingests a
    specific amount of iodine and is iodine-sufficient, most of the iodine will be
    excreted in the urine over a 24-hour period. If the person does not possess an
    optimal amount of iodine, the body will tend to retain it and a smaller amount will
    be found in the urine during the 24-hour collection period. If the amount of iodine
    measured is less than 90%, the patient is presumed deficient.

    We hope to collaborate with Iodine Literate Doctors (ILDs) in the future to pool
    and exchange information on this data.

    The  preliminary objectives of the Breast Cancer Choices Iodine Investigation
    project are to explore:

    (1) whether there is a possible connection between iodine deficiency and breast

    (2) whether remedying that deficiency by iodine supplementation can reduce

    (3) whether iodine should be studied as an adjuvant therapy for breast cancer.

    Further Information on Iodine

  • David Brownstein, MD’s excellent, short book,  Iodine: Why You Need It: Why
    You Can’t Live Without It. Available from Dr. Brownstein's website.  click here

  • Sherri Tenpenny, DO's article on Iodine and Fibrocystic Breast disease.

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