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Healing Strategies - Body Detox


    Body detox can be done by making a list and checking off the ways you
    can subtract harmful things from the overall toxic load your body must

  • Take stock of intake. Make a list of everything you put into your
    mouth for a week.  For example, the occasional Tylenol won't
    hurt most people but taking it frequently impairs the liver's
    ability to detox. Aspirin, if your doctor agrees, may be a healthier

  • Subtract added ingredients. Artificial sweeteners? Chemically
    decaffeinated coffee? Dry-cleaning chemicals? Fluoridated or
    Teeth-whitening toothpastes? Bromide-containing asthma-
    inhalers? Chemical or alcohol-based mouthwash? Brominated
    flour in your bread or baked products? Subtract, subtract,

  • Subtract germs. Frequent hand-washing is a super-efficient and
    under-used detox method because it sounds too easy. People
    are only reminded about hand-washing during cold and flu
    season. But every day we transfer germs which can burden our
    immune system just by touching door knobs, money, shopping
    carts, publicly-used pens, store merchandise, etc.

    Next, consider targeting  the major organs of elimination. Some
    practitioners recommend detoxing campaigns in a certain order so
    consult your doctor before attempting any detox strategy.

    Parasite Detox                                                          

  • Although most people are horrified to hear it, most all of us have
    some level of parasites living inside us. The most common
    reaction is, "but where could I have picked them up?" A
    prejudice remains that only Third World countries produce
    parasites whereas these immune-system drainers can be found
    in the cleanest of homes. Usually parasites go on living quietly
    undetected,  unless intestinal distress or itching occurs.
    Walking barefoot is a risk factor for picking up parasites.

  • Every indigenous culture has some form of botanical they use
    for parasite cleansing. Pumpkin seeds, hot peppers, and herbal
    remedies are all used but black walnut hull tincture combined
    with ground cloves and wormwood has proven the most
    effective among the users in our email discussion group. Be
    sure to start any parasite cleanse strategy under the advice of
    an experienced professional. Hulda Clark, PhD, Richard Schulze,
    ND, and James Balch, MD., all offer more detailed information on

    Colon Cleanse

  • There are many strategies for detoxing the colon: remedies vary  
    from herbs such as Cascara Sagrada to fiber and clay-based
    products to colonics to lemonade and maple syrup juice fasts.
    Many cancer patients claim they feel renewed energy after the
    colon cleanse strategy. There is no one way of knowing which is
    best. Get the advice of a qualified professional so you know
    which might be best for your particular situation.

    Kidney Cleanse

  • The kidneys are a pair of bean-shaped organs that filter wastes
    from the bloodstream. Detoxing your kidneys will not only help to
    remove toxic chemicals and pathogens that are clogging the
    kidneys to be excreted, but will help prevent these toxic wastes
    from accumulating somewhere else in the body. Kidney cleanses
    are usually very gentle herbal teas but detox strategies for the
    kidney may vary.

  • We recommend reading the following authors for detox recipes:
    Edgar Cayce, Hulda Clark, Richard Schulze, James Balch, MD.

    Skin Detox

  • The skin is the largest organ of elimination and is sometimes
    referred to as the third kidney. Dry skin brushing can speed up
    the skin's metabolic process. Please see more information on
    this 3 minute video: Dry Skin Brushing Detox Technique

    Liver Cleanse

  • Liver detox procedures may be as mild as liver herbs such as
    Milk Thistle Extract, commonly called silymarin or more complex
    such as those of Hulda Clark.

  • Always get specific approval from an experienced, licensed
    practitioner before trying liver cleanses.

  • While breast cancer patients using saunas have reported feeling
    better, loss of electrolytes has been reported by those not
    adequately replacing fluids and minerals.
  • Also, many patients who have undergone lymph node
    procedures may have been warned against saunas as a risk
    factor for lymphedema. Consult a physician knowledgeable about

    Other Detox Methods
  • Many patients report many other detox regimens including ,  
    Vitamin C flushes, coffee enemas, colonics, aerobic exercise,
    and fasting.

    Please consult a physician knowledgeable about the documented action of
    detoxification before starting or changing your current protocol.
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    These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.  The supplements
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