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cancer procedures and treatments
Breast Cancer Think Tank Discussion Group
    and concepts which arise in researching different aspects of breast
    cancer. Our objective is to report new findings and review old
    information with the friendly spirit of cooperation challenge and debate.  

    Most treatment of breast cancer is theoretical. That is, treatment is
    consensus-based rather than evidence-based. Most patients are
    never told this and only find out their treatment is theoretical when
    they are persuaded to go back and check the facts.

    The ThinkTank challenges theories of alternative medicine as
    vigorously as mainstream medicine. We are loyal only to the facts and
    let the evidence speak for itself.

    The ThinkTank questions all "givens" about what is considered
    appropriate treatment, diet, hormones or lifestyle.

    The Breast Cancer Think Tank Discussion Group maintains no personal
    guidance component.  Rather, the information-sharing was designed to
    provide support. No posting or compulsory introductions to the group
    are necessary. We welcome those who are content to just read the posts
    to the group as well as occasional questioners along with our active

    This website is intended as information only. The editors of this site are not medically-trained.
    Please consult your licensed health care practitioner before implementing any health strategy.
    The information provided on this site is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that
    exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her existing physician. This site accepts no

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